About Me


In Jill’s early singing career her similarity to Vera Lynn was well recognised and earned her the title “The Sweetheart of the Midlands”. At that time Jill was selected to work in many of the top cabaret nightclub restaurants such as the Talk of the Midlands (Nottingham), Talk of the North (Eccles), Heart of the Midlands (Birmingham), Embassy Club (London), the Lakeside Country Club (Frimley Green) and numerous venues across the country as support to star acts and bands.

Although at that time Jill was renowned for her excellent renditions of Vera Lynn favourites, she did not actually specialise until 1995 when she was asked to do a performance for the VE Day 50th Anniversary Celebrations, the year Dame Vera Lynn technically retired.

A whole new show was produced for Jill Daniels, the music being especially created from scratch for all of the wartime songs in Jill’s singing key, which happens to be the same as Dame Vera’s to recreate as near as possible the original versions.

The VE Day shows were a total success and bookings started flowing in for the wartime show which is known as “Hits of the Blitz”. The same success was repeated for the Millennium Celebrations and for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations and Jill Daniels is now known nationally and internationally as Britain’s No.1 singer of WWII songs, sing along and patriotic anthems. The ‘Hits of the Blitz’ is now the mainstay of Jill’s schedule.

This show is a must book for all patriotic occasions & 1940’s theme events. Give your audience the chance to come in fancy dress as a 5 star General or a trooper, Lili Marlene, a show girl, an old time copper or Dad’s Army character, or even Adolf Hitler, Monty, Sir Winston Churchill or a spiv.

A great time will be had by all and that’s a promise.